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Important News About Run for Rover

The Run for Rover that the Pet Emergency Fund has held for the past several years has reached the finish line with this event. It is being replaced with two different events for 2014.

The first is a Bones for Rover competition. Veterinary hospitals in Erie and Niagara Counties will be selling bones for $1 at their practices to raise money for the PEF. The hospitals are being challenged to reach the $5,000 mark instead of running 5,000 meters. The competition takes place during the entire month of July. Your participation is greatly appreciated so stop by your nearest veterinary hospital or your own veterinarian to move Rover along to his goal!

The second is an event that is still being planned for later this year. It will be a social with light food, raffle baskets, vendor support, entertainment and prizes. We'll keep you posted as plans come together.

We appreciate your past support of the Run for Rover and hope you will join us in our continued efforts to provide needed medical care for pets whose owners are facing a financially challenging time.


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