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Thank you to our Run for Rover sponsors:


Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2013 Run for Rover a success!

Run for Rover Q&A

What is the Run for Rover?
  • The RFR, held at LaSalle Park in Buffalo, is a USATF-certified 5K run for serious runners and a one-mile walk for pets and owners. It is the primary fund-raising event of the Pet Emergency Fund, which raises money to help cash-strapped families pay for veterinary care when an emergency strikes.
  • The Sunday morning event includes activities for runners, families, children and pets. In addition to the run and walk are pet costume contest, dog washing, and dozens of vendor and animal related organization booths.
  • It is the perfect opportunity to have fun, indulge a passion for running or walking and celebrates the joys of pet ownership.
Who benefits from monies raised at the RFR?
  • Beloved family pets of all shapes and sizes. Funds help cash strapped owners care for their sick or injured pets. Students, retires on fixed income and multiple pet owners often fall into this category.
  • The Pet Emergency Fund firmly believes that no owner should ever have to face the prospect of denying care to their sick or injured pets.
What kinds of services does The Pet Emergency fund provide?
  • Everything from bandages to major surgery. Most often it's the out-of-pocket expenses for essentials such as drugs, surgical supplies, oxygen, lab work and diagnostic procedures that put emergency care out of reach for low-income or fixed income owners.
What is the Pet Emergency Fund?
  • The Pet Emergency Fund is a 501(c)3 charity established by the Niagara Frontier veterinary Society in 1999 to help people with financial needs afford pet care in emergency situations. To date the fund has helped veterinarians in Erie and Niagara Counties provide care for over 3,500 pets and has distributed nearly $420,000 to pet owners to enable emergency care. With your help, we can accomplish even more!
Who is eligible to receive PEF assistance?
  • PEF funds are distributed to member hospitals in Erie and Niagara Counties. The fund is intended to be used to benefit the pets of Erie and Niagara Counties. Individual hospitals have their own accounts and funds in individual accounts are used at the discretion of those veterinarians.
Do you have sponsorship opportunities available?
  • Yes, you can download information on sponsorships here.

Questions? Contact Nancy at 716-883-8544.

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