PEF is a not for profit organization is funded solely by private donations. Please help us save the lives of animals and help pet owners who otherwise would could not afford the cost of emergency veterinary care. All donations are tax deductible.

Unleash Your Generosity. Here’s How!

1. Donate online.

2. Contribute by U.S. Mail.

Pet Emergency Fund
PO Box 2846
Buffalo, NY 14240-2846

3. Contribute your extra change and dollars to PEF donation boxes each time you visit a member veterinary hospital. Donation boxes and envelopes are available at participating veterinary hospitals (see list of participating hospitals).

4. Make an annual pledge paid in quarterly or monthly supplements. We will send you timely email reminders. Call (716) 883-8544 to make arrangements for your pledge.

5. Make special occasion gifts in the names of your animal-loving friends and family and family members’ birthdays and as well as for anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah and other gift-giving occasions.

6. Order custom-crafted Paw Print sculptures by PEF artist Mary VandenBergh as living tributes to pets that enrich your life every day or have passed (contact us).

7. Memorial gifts you designate in lieu of flowers to honor a loved one who has passed away, especially if his or her life was enriched by the presence of cherished family pets (contact us).

8. Pet memorial donations that you make to honor a beloved animal that has passed away.

9. Endowments. Leave a permanent legacy that perpetually supports emergency veterinary services for pet parents in need.

10. Retirement plan and life insurance beneficiary designations. These smart, tax advantaged gifts are revocable if you change your mind.

11. United Way designated gifts. Funds you direct specifically to Pet Emergency Fund.

12. Wedding donations to PEF from the animal-loving bride and groom in lieu of table favors.

13. Adopt PEF as your social group’s charity partner. Host your own PEF event. Repayment pledge to voluntarily reimburse PEF in whole or in part for charitable funds you receive for emergency veterinary services.