Applying For Funds

Pet owners must make their financial needs known directly to their veterinarian.
See the Pet Emergency Fund Participating Hospitals list.

When a medical emergency strikes, time is crucial. That’s why Pet Emergency Fund is structured so that decisions concerning monetary assistance rest fully with veterinary hospitals. Each veterinary hospital has full decision-making power over their funds.

The amount of money available at each veterinary hospital changes each year based on the results of ongoing fund raising efforts. PEF funds are distributed quarterly to member veterinary hospitals in Erie and Niagara Counties, NY.

Veterinarians are thoughtful stewards of your hard-earned dollars! Every effort is made to use available funds to save the lives of family pets that have the best chance of recovery, and to defray costs for owners who cannot afford the full burden of their pet’s emergency care

Voluntary Pay-It-Forward Pledge

Recipients of PEF funds are asked to sign a voluntary “Pay-It-Forward” statement. The text of the statement is as follows:

I understand that money donated by Pet Emergency Fund to save the life of my pet was contributed by animal-lovers like me who believe that cherished pets should not suffer untreated or die simply because of their family’s financial circumstances.

In recognition of the generosity of others, I pledge that I will consider reimbursing PEF for the funds provided for my pet’s care, in whole or in part, as future financial circumstances may permit.

I understand that this pledge is voluntary and non-binding. Any reimbursement on my part is a voluntary gift made in gratitude for the life-saving help my pet has received, and with the hope that other cherished pets will be saved as mine has been saved.