Events Schedule

PEF at Four Seasons Agility Club’s Tenth Annual “Give Back” Trial
Friday, August 27 through Sunday, August 29
Akron Animal Hospital
12638 Main St, Akron, NY

Each August, the Four Seasons Agility Club hosts a give-back canine agility trial with proceeds benefitting an animal-related non-profit. PEF is proud and grateful to the non-profit beneficiary again for 2021. There are several ways that you can help Four Seasons help PEF:

  • You can make a donation directly to the “Pet Emergency Fund” – when you fill out our entry, you may make out a second check payable to the Pet Emergency Fund. Or, bring your donation to the trial. Please DO NOT include your donation with your entry fees – write a separate check- our trial secretary & treasurer thank you in advance.
  • Donate items to our raffle! Animal-themed or not, we welcome your baskets, gift certificates, and other items! Let us know in advance what you’ll be donating and we’ll promote it on our page!
  • Purchase raffle tickets at our trial! – we will have an awesome raffles at the trial and all proceeds will go directly to the Pet Emergency Fund.
  • Issue a Challenge! In the past we’ve had people pledge to donate a certain amount for every Q or NQ, course challenge, or personal goal (like every startline held, or successful contact).

For more information, go to Four Seasons Agility Club website.